artisanal beer

From the perfect mix, it is born the perfect taste.

The style of a beer is unique and the right blend determines taste and character. Essentially born for culinary matches, MISHELA is the artisanal beer that tastes of research and passion.

Our beers are not pasteurized, don’t have preservatives and are not micro-filtered: they are exclusively obtained by mixing pure water, yeasts, malt cereals and fine hops.

The possible matches with the different declinations confirm the versatility: the Golden Ale is ideal with fish dishes, starters, light cured pork meats and fresh cheese. The Ipa has to be sipped with red meat or game dishes, cured pork meats and aged cheese.

Golden Ale

Naturally turbid because of the yeasts in suspensions, golden color and citrus marks of lime and grapefruit. A Golden Ale that is distinguished for its scent and because it is drinkable, with a very good balanced bitter final.



Amber reflections and a steady bouquet for this IPA that has an elegant tasty balance: the sweet of the toasted and caramelized marks is integrated with the floral marks of the hops, giving life to a middle body blend with a bitter final.


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