The Cantanapoli grain coffee blends have the typical characteristics of Neapolitan espresso, with a unique and strong flavor. A trip with an enchanting scent that takes you straight to the heart of Naples, the dream of all aficionados and lovers of coffee just in a little cup.

It is an artisanal production. Only entire grains are used. Roasted and blended by only one person, in order to maintain constantly the flavor and the scent. The slow roasting process is a guarantee for the total elimination of humidity, giving to the coffee exclusive aromatic marks, only for true experts.

Cantanapoli, the voice of coffee.



Steady like a tenor’s chest-voice. With a strong and resolute character, it has a solid cream and an intense, dense flavor. It is the coffee for the ones who don’t like to have limits.



The coffee that is impossible to forget. In the mouth, it is sweet and creamy, the right balance of sweet, bitter and acid marks. A very little sip is enough to appreciate its whole.



A blend of coffee with a sweet soul, like the melodies of Naples. Produced with the best Arabica coffees, it has a delicate, soft and unique aftertaste.



True express coffee must be ground to the moment because the oxygen oxidizes the mixtures of it and reduces the quality of it, to make that the taste is not jeopardized for the convenience, the wafers are singly manufactured in protected atmosphere so that to preserve the aroma up to the moment of the opening, where all of its perfumes will be emitted.

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