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From the desire to keep alive the culinary wisdom of Campania (South Italy), it was born BellinGusto, supplier company of artisanal products.

BellinGusto comes from a love and passion story: love for good drinks and great food, passion for our land and its centuries-old traditions. Four friends, one objective: take to you what we would like to find on our tables.

It is at the table that all this has begun, simply from exchanging some old and authentic family recipes. Recipes and productions that have the flavors of our homes, memories and traditions, and this is the reason why they are going to last. To produce them we use the most innovative processes, just to guarantee to you the best quality.

Every single product comes from a precise research, whose result is a selection of excellences that have unique characteristics.

​A path made of taste and conviviality that will take you in those warm and generous lands made of unforgettable flavors.

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