The persistence and the fragrance of the flavors directly obtained from fresh products, with a handmade production, are intact found in Bracomo Gianco Infusi, noble elixirs with excellent quality characteristics of scent and taste.

Mixing tradition and innovation, the products are realized using only first quality natural ingredients, following ancient recipes, revisited with inspiration and mastery, without betraying its spirit.

Every product follows an artisanal process with particular attention to the characteristics of the raw materials. The aromatic transfer of lemon peels, wild fennel seeds and licorice comes through the process of cold infusion in alcohol, while the melon goes through the process of fermentation, in which the alcoholic part springs spontaneously, thanks to the yeasts that transform the sugars in scents and alcohol.

The infusions that are obtained in this way are the concentration of the best scents: once they are filtered, they are blended with a syrup of purified water and refined sugar or with a milky cream, depending on the realization of a liquor or a cream, without adding any colorant or preservative, ensuring the absolute purity and genuineness.



The freshness and genuineness of the citrus of the Costiera are now enclosed in the original recipe of LIMONCELLO BGI. The infusion of no-treated lemon peels gives body and balance to a liquor with intense and balanced fragrance and flavor. Known for its digestives virtues, it is served ice-cold, preferably in ice-cold stem glasses, in order to appreciate the taste at its best.



From the therapeutic qualities of licorice, it is born this artisanal liquor obtained from the infusion of pure licorice from Abruzzo (Centre Italy). Scented, firm and balanced. With a unique and unmistakable taste that enhances its natural aromatic quality, the LIQUIRIZIA BGI has to be served ice-cold, especially after meals or added to cocktails.



A specialty that is charming for its delicacy and softness, the MELONCELLO BGI is a delicious artisanal cream that wisely mixes the fresh taste of melon with the sweetness of milk. Velvety and creamed, it has to be tasted cool, as a pleasant dessert or using it for the preparation of cocktails, ice creams and fruit salads.



Obtained from the infusion of the seeds of wild fennel that spontaneously grows in the territories between Cilento and Lucania, the FINOCHIETTO BGI is an artisanal liquor with an intense and soft flavor, with an enduring ending. Traditionally, it is offered both as a digestive and as aperitif, at room temperature.



CREMA DI LIMONE BGI is produced mixing the same infusion of lemon peels from the Costiera used for limoncello with a delicate milk cream, in harmony and perfect balance, as Mediterranean tradition wants. Tasted cold as dessert, it is perfect to match desserts and ice creams.

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